Arun Jaitley has expressed hope that the Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be implemented from July 1. This will turn India into the world's largest single market. Things will be cheaper than GST and it will be difficult to steal tax. India will be the world's fastest economy .

- Jaitley joined the 23rd Commonwealth Auditor General Conference He said, "There is a non tax society in India. The purpose of blocking the government's big note was that people should avoid tax evasion and can not be fined for terror.

With the reforms the government is making, India will become the fastest economy in the world by achieving 7-8% growth rate. However, there are challenges like oil prices, investment in private sector and condition of government banks. "

- "GST will ensure that goods and services reach out to the people better, as well as the backbone of Information Technology so that tax evasion can be prevented."

'There is no tax on GST tax'
Jaitley said, "The only Indian in the world is not a country where there are many layers of tax, due to which things become expensive".

- "If GST is implemented on July 1, then it will be the world's largest tax reforms, which will increase the volume of tax, which can not be called tax on tax, which will make things and services cheaper."

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