Forest guard physical test phase-2 call laters starts now

Forest guard physical test phase-2 call laters starts now

The duty of the Forest Guard that he protects all forest produce and other government property, which is in his charge. He should be so vigilant that there is no fear of theft of forest produce, thorny wire and other government property. If any theft takes place in his beat he should make all possible efforts to trap the culprit.
Gujarat Forest

He has the power to accept the charge of confiscated property when the offender is not known.

Forest Guard would be fully responsible for safeguarding new plantations of his area, especially from animals and fire damages.

Forest Guard should repair all boundary pillars, roads and buildings of his beat area under the orders of Range Officer

After research, our team learned that increased temperatures due to climate change has also increased the risk of wildfire for our community. We decided to chose wildfire as our problem, and early wildfire detection as the focus for our solution.

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