Telecom regulator for the people of the country are found at high-speed internet cheap TRAI to carry out the exercise. TRAI intent to deliver Internet through the whole country cheaper Wi-Fi.

   Currently, the rate of the telecom market, people are getting money from the Internet 10 MB prices. If the plan of TRAI will apply to the Internet will be available at a price five times cheaper. TRAI said that there is now also a Wi-Fi network to reduce the burden on the telecom operators. Currently, operators are facing problems such as excessive load due to poor quality voice calls and slow broadband speed.

   According to sources in the instructions to make changes to other laws, including licensing will soon be sent to the Telecom Ministry.

   Now look of TRAI is to build the appropriate infrastructure for the city of gamadu do so, people can easily get to the Internet.

   Wi-Fi network compared to other countries of the world India is still a lot prarambika stage. In the Wi-Fi hotspot around the world from 2013 2016 the number has increased over 568 percent in India, only 12 per cent rise in the number of Wi-Fi hotspot.

   According to TRAI, 'is 1 Wi-Fi hotspot between the average rate of 150 people in the world. India will have to install another 8 million hotspots to reach the average. The people welcomed the initiative to provide Wi-Fi on a rental revenue sharing basis to deal within the Internet Service Provider

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