AN to create what we know how important all the same. Although many people were not so important notabandhi before taking the matter seriously. We will help you with this. Read in detail about when and how to receive your PAN card from 24 to 48 hours here ...

એપ દ્વારા આવેદન

To get Onlien Pan Card you have to follow step

પાન કાર્ડ
  • You have to fill up one form. You can get this form from folowing website
  • click this web site
  • Fill up your all detail in this form
  • upload your Adhar card & school living certificate scan copy on this site
  • you have to get confirmation message of submit form on your mobile phone


In the coming days you'll know the track record of your PAN application from your mobile. Submission of this form all the details which may take 24 to 48 hours of veriphaiya. Your PAN also take some time to fall into your hands. Generally usually shown on your address by mail within 15 to 20 days PAN will reach your home.

The government has also created a mobile app Income Tax Department of India's digital initiatives. By which you can bhuktana Taxpayers Income Tax. With your phone you can also apply for a PAN card. You eat so rigid that the number (PAN) can easily get.

Some things you can do to manually verify your new PAN card. Such as PAN card has a 10 digit number. Alphabet and the rest of which 5 digits are the number 4. And the last point I have to recoup that ABCD Alphabet. It should be noted that the PAN is very necessary for all types of taxes and banking transactions. And can be represented as IDs. The Income Tax department has issued PAN 25 million so far. If you have nikalyum of your PAN card, you now have an easy way Discard above.

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