How to use whatsapp as old staus ,useful tricks of whatsapp

How to use whatsapp as old staus ,useful tricks of whatsapp

There is good news for Whatsapp's old status feature lovers. Whatsapp launched after the huge protests, the old feature has been renamed. The old name of the old feature has come back after the name of and about the phone number. Now you can again write your desired status.

Such update status

To use the new features, open the WhatsApp app and click on the three dot on the right side. Now a new window will open in front of you, in which you will see your profile photo, mobile number and old status about the name. When you click on the old status, you will see all the status that you have used before. By clicking on the status you can update as you do earlier i.e. put a new status.

Also, the newly launched video, GIF, photo status will also be available in the new update. So there is no need to panic any user. Whatsapp has both features for both the new and old status feature feature lovers. Although the old status feature is currently available only for Beta users of Android and iOS. There will also be updates for the rest of the users soon.

Let us know that WhatsApp has recently launched the status feature like Snapchat in which you can place a user video, photo or GIF instead of the text in the status. There was a lot of resistance to this new feature. People accused the copying of Snapchat's features on Whatsapp, after which the company has again launched the old status feature.
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