HTAT & TET-II Exam Latest General Knowledge Mock Test 29-03-2017

HTAT & TET-II Exam Latest General Knowledge Mock Test 29-03-2017


Gkgrips Provide a Online Mock Test And Online Free Courses in Gujarati Language For The The Post Of GPSC Class 1&2. in This Test Include Old Exams Questions And Related Questions For This Post. GPSC is a Very hard Exams but Your Preparations is Very Smarter Than Other You Can Pass This Exams. For This Exams latest Study Materials and Latest Update is Available on Gkgrips Website. general Study is Very Most Important For This Exams in This Papers Included Subject is History, Mathematics, Gujarat And Indian Culture, Economics And More. Visit Website For The Latest Study Materials And Latest Updates. GPSC GAS Syllabus is Complete New, in This Syllabus Included Subjects is Indian History Related To Indus valley Civilisation: Features, Sites, Society, Cultural History, Art and Religion.

Indus Valley Civilisation and Gujarat as well as Vedic age- Jainism and Buddhism, Foreign invasions on India and their impact, The Mauryan and the Gupta Empire- their administration- social, religious and
economic conditions-art, architecture, literature, science and technology, Kanishka , Harsha and South Indian Dynasties, The Delhi Sultanate, Vijaynagar Empire and the Mughal Empire and More History Topics in GAS Exams 2017

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