Idea Cellular and Vodafone India today announced merger to form country's biggest telecom company

Idea, Vodafone approved the merger, will become the country's largest telecom company

Telecom operator Idea Board has approved the merger with Vodafone. Idea said that Vodafone, the new company will have a 45 percent participation. The idea would be to have 26 per cent participation. It also said that Idea, Vodafone, Idea Partnership will transfer approximately 4.9 percent

It is believed that, the telecom industry is the biggest deal. After the merger, the new company will be the largest company in the country's telecom sector. Which will be almost 38 million customers.

Idea promoters have the right to take additional 9.5 per cent stake. According to Rs 130 per share the stock promoters can take. Officer to Chairman epointa have only Promoters of Idea.

 Vodafone has the right to epointa CFO of the new company. Vodafone merger, the company will transfer 50 per cent stake. Before the merger, both companies will sell the standalone towers.
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