The mobile wallet company will provide insurance for the security of the kept in the Paytm wallet. Your money will not be sinking now due to fraud due to fraud, theft, mobile lost or unauthorized use of Paytm Wallet, will be returned.

 For this service, Paytm will not charge any extra charge, which means that this will be a completely free service

.The company has made this decision at a time when the electronics and IT ministries have recommended wallets and insurers to work together so that the security of the security in the mobile wallet can be ensured. 

The company has said through its blog that the sum assured in all the consumers will be 20,000 rupees or the amount of deposit in their wallet (whichever is lower) will be insured.

If your phone is stolen or lost, then the subscriber will have to report by emailing Paytm to or calling customer care number +91 9643979797 within 12 hours.If the mobile is lost, the company will have to provide information within 12 hours with the copy of the FIR.Once the information is received.

he company will block the mobile wallet within 2 hours. If the claim of lost money is found to be suitable, then Paytm will return the money to the subscriber within five days.

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