Right now! The big announcement made by the Modi government for the farmers, many big advantages

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been categorizing neem coating of urea in the major achievements of the NDA government in its rallies. Since the year 2014, he has been counting the benefits of neem-coated urea in his speeches and saying that his government's decision has curbed the black marketing of urea.

Its effect has also been seen. Neem coated urea has seen a decrease in the sale of fertilizers but the increase in grain yield has been recorded. Government claims that in the year 2016-17, foodgrain production will be 271.98 million tonnes against the previous year's 251.57 million tonnes.

According to this estimate, the production of rice, wheat, maize, pulses and cotton will remain at the highest level so far. Regardless, the sales of its manure is low. Along with urea, the sale of DAP (dye ammonium phosphate) and nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sulfur has also seen decline. However, there is no clear reason for the sale of lesser fertilizers even after claims of higher food production.

 But for one reason it is being said that in the last few years, the fertilizer vendors had collected large quantities of manure stock but farmers did not buy due to the drought conditions. However, due to this, the decline in fertilizer sales is not a strong answer to the figures.

Given that the lack of two million tonnes of urea in sales is quite large. The sale of urea between the years 2015 to 2015-16 is between 30 to 30.6 million tonnes. But this year, the figure came to 28 million tonnes. Chairman of Coromandel International Limited.

(Corporate Affairs and Strategic Projects), G Ravi explains the reason for neem-coated urea behind the reductions in urea sales. Coating with 400 ml of neem oil of each ton of urea is done. This has reduced the use of urea in non-farm work.
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