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Whatsapp App 2009 was created jointly by two friends Jan Koum and Brian Acton, who used to work in the Yahoo Company but had left the job to make something different. In January 2009, they uploaded Whotspop to the store and they got a great response from this app, they kept the name whatsapp as it has names like whats up in the Sun.

=> There were 800,000,000 users in What'sapp in April 2015
=> Whotsap is the most user in India, which is 70 million
=> 1000000 people are connected to Whitsap every day

=> 700000000 photos are shared on Whatsapp every day
=> 100000000 video is shared on Whatsapp every day
=> 200000000 audio is shared on Whatsapp every day

=> Sends a user average 1000 messages every month on whats the app
=> A user uses whatsapp for about 195 minutes in a week
=> 27% selfies on social media are only taken for WhatsApp
=> Wattsapp was launched in the phone of Nokia series 40, which is not a smartphone

=> Nokia N95 is the oldest phone in which Whatsapp still runs
=> Whotsapp is number 5 on the most downloaded apps on Android Store
=> Whotsap is worth more than NASA's one-year budget, which is 17 billion
=> One user of Whatsapp sees WhatsApp on an average 23 times a day.
=> Jan Koum in 2008, fraudulently refused to give job

=> Launched for whatsapp Android Smart Watches in August 2014
=> Whtasapp launched its web client in January 2015
=> Facebook bought Whotspap for 19 billion, but Google offered 10 billion before Facebook
=> After the whitspope voice call feature is now going to give a video call feature
=> Whatsapp is now also available for Desktop
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