5G is Now Launching the World's First Smartphone

5G is Now Launching the World's First Smartphone

▶The ongoing events in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress Chinese company ZTE has launched the world's first 5G smartphone.

▶The smartphone supports 5G network that the network can come 2020. ▶According to the company, "gigabyte phone is the world's first phone with a downloading speed will be up to 1 GB per second.

▶5G smartphone will first take on the fun of the film and television.
▶Let's show you that, according to media reports, this smartphone is currently running 10 times faster than 4G smartphone will. ▶Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 835 processor, the phone has been. The company spokesman said the fifth generation tech companies 5G networks are engaged in making the device to be supported.

▶He said that from happening in the future people will be able to watch movies and TV on your smartphone. South Korean carrier KT Corp.
▶The goal of the Winter Olympics in 2018 in Piongcang 5G networks to trial.

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