Devitcard and credit card will stop in future why must read all

Policy commission CEO Amitabh Kant has indicated the closure of ATM and debit-credit cards in the near future. He said that due to the growing prevalence of technology in India, digital transactions will be done through mobile wallet and biometric media and the process of ATM, credit and debit cards will be over.

He said that physical banking in India has almost come to an end and technology is being used at such a fast pace that in the next three-four years digital transactions will be only through mobile wallet and biometric media.

Kant said in Delhi on Friday evening that on the occasion of launching the Trade and Investment Services Facility (TIFS) of the PhD Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PhDCI), technology will have a significant contribution in the development of India.

He said that despite the economic slowdown in the world, India is growing at a rate of 7.6 percent. Amitabh Kant said that the population of America and Europe will grow, while India's young population will be.

On the question of easing trade rules, he said that last year we had eliminated 1200 rules.

Kant said that India will continue to abide by the rules and regulations that have adverse effects on the investment coming in the country. He said that India will create favorable conditions for expanding its economy.

The CEO of the Policy Commission said that even though trumpets talk about the protectionism of the American economy, there is no discussion of protectionism here.

He said that India believes in globalization and it will never talk of protectionism. As a result, India will emerge as an economy that will attract investment and development and become an excellent center of economic engagement. Kant said that India has become the center of innovation in many ways.

He said that about 1500 companies have opened their innovation centers in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. India is the center of affordable engineering.

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