Do anybody call now he will not see your number - private number will appear

Today we are going to tell you a trick by which if you call someone you will not see your number and that private number will be visible. Many times it happens that you have to call people like this

The person receiving the call will see Private Number written on his phone. In this trick you can block the caller ID and make your number private number.

For Android 4.0 and earlier OS:

For this you have to go to your phone's settings. After this, you have to tap the call option. Then click on the additional settings and tap on the caller ID. Then click on the "Hyde Number" option. After these settings, your number will be able to see the private number.

For Android 4.1 and above OS:

Open the phone app and click on the three dots given above. Click on call option from here and tap on more options. After that go to show my caller id and tap on your option.

For iPhone users:

Go to settings and tap on the phone icon. Here you will find show my caller id option to turn it off. After this your number will be hid and call receiver will be able to see the private number.
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