From tomorrow banking rules will change

Tomorrow, the new fiscal year is going on in the country, and many things are changing along with it. If you talk like tax, then it seems that many things will be expensive by tomorrow and some things will be seen getting relief. Apart from this, there are many rules of banks that are changing. Like we are telling you some new rules today. Let's see:

1. To charge 3 times in your account, it will be absolutely free, after which you will have to pay 50 rupees for each deposit.

2. Metro city branch account holder will be required to keep minimum Rs. 5000 balance in his account.

3. The remaining city account holder will have to keep minimum of 3000 rupees in his account.

4. Semi-urban area branch account holder will have to maintain minimum 2000 rupees balance in his account.

5. The people whose accounts are in the village will have to keep this amount at a minimum of Rs.1000 / -.

6. If you do not keep the minimum amount in your account, then you have to pay an additional surcharge of up to Rs 200.

7. For 5 times usage, SBI ATM Free, after 5 times you have to pay 10 rupees per transaction.

8. Free for use of other bank ATM 3 times, after 3 times you will have to pay 20 rupees per transaction.

9. You can make unlimited use of SBI ATM free of charge, provided there is a maintenance of Rs. 25000 in your account.

10. Unlimited SBI and other bank ATMs will be used without any charge, for this, it will be necessary to maintain 100000 rupees in the account.

11. Under SMS charge, you have to pay 15 rupees after 3 months. It can be free provided you have to maintain balance of Rs. 25000 in SBI Savings Account.
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