The Modi government has taken a big step in the direction of health re-emergence as the result of elections in five states. The Cabinet has approved National Health Policy on Wednesday. Under the new health policy, everyone will get government treatment and the patient will not be denied treatment. Insurance is also provided for patients in the policy. Today, Health Minister J.P. Nanda is providing information in this area in the surrounding area. According to the available information so far, 10 key points of this policy are as follows ...

   1 - Now patients will be allowed to go to government or private hospital for treatment with specialist doctors. Under the health insurance scheme, private hospitals will be given a fixed amount for such treatment. At this time, 80% of the doctors in the country and 60% of the cases of hospitalization are private sector. But most people who go to the private sector have to pay money from their own money.

   2 - Proposals have been asked to provide comprehensive health facilities. Under this, the availability of medicines and diseases diagnosis will be ensured in government hospitals across the country, with the reduction of the death rate of the mother and child.

   3- Digitalization will be given importance in the health sector. Special targets have been set to destroy major diseases. The government will focus on strengthening primary health.

   4 - According to the proposal, the district hospital and its upper hospital will be completely separated from the government control and the private party will be included in the public-private partnership (PPP) project.

   5 - Health Ministry sources said that under this policy, the area of ​​primary health center will be increased in a major change.

   6 - An official said that till now, under PHC, there was no pre-birth investigation and other tests. The newest point of the new policy is that in which diseases will also be investigated which do not happen due to exposure to contact.

   7 - After this policy, the Government is targeting that 80% of the people of the country are treated completely free of charge in Sarkari hospital. There will also be medicine, tests and treatments. Insurance is also arranged in the policy.

   8- It is not mandatory to apply this policy to states and this government policy will be given as a model, which will depend on the state government whether or not to apply it.

   The Health Policy is being renewed for the first time in the country after 9 - 2002. According to sources, PM Modi was influenced by US President Obama's health care scheme and now some of the inputs have been taken.

   10 - Expenditure on Health on Policy Passes 25 of GDP Percentage is expected and it is likely to reach 3 lakh crores.

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