GPSC Class 1&2 History To The Point Study Materials

GPSC Class 1&2 History To The Point Study Materials by

GPSC Class 1&2 Free Latest History And Indian Constitution Study Materials in Gujarati. Like a Jain Dharm, Bauddh Dharm, Indian Governor, Baksar Nu Yuddh, Plassi nu Yuddh. Gkgrips Publish a Online Free Course & Free Online Mock Test For The GPSC Class 1&2 Prelims Exams. GPSC GAS Syllabus is Complete New, in This Syllabus Included Subjects is Indian History Related To Indus valley Civilisation: Features, Sites, Society, Cultural History, Art and Religion.
Indus Valley Civilisation and Gujarat as well as Vedic age- Jainism and Buddhism, Foreign invasions on India and their impact, The Mauryan and the Gupta Empire- their administration- social, religious and

economic conditions-art, architecture, literature, science and technology, Kanishka , Harsha and South Indian Dynasties, The Delhi Sultanate, Vijaynagar Empire and the Mughal Empire and More History Topics in GAS Exams 2017.

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