My school is very excellent having red colour three storey building. I like to go school on daily basis in the proper uniform. My class teacher is very kind and teaches us to follow school discipline. My school is located at very nice place and away from all the crowd and noise of the city. My school has two small green gardens near to the main gate where lots of colourful flower beds, grassy lawns, fruits trees and two beautiful showers.

My school has lots of facilities such as one computer lab, two science labs, one big library, one common reading room, one big playground, one nice stage and one stationary shop. My school has classes for nursery to 12th class students. My school has around fifty seven highly qualified teachers including men and women, 20 helpers, one principal and 10 gate keepers. My teacher teaches us very politely and makes us learn subjects in very creative and attractive ways.

refers to the dishonest acts by those in power. It has become part of the Indian administrative system. There is a need to save India from corruption. The structure of the Indian policy is such that people on all rungs of government has satisfied their conscience one way or the other that graft and bribery are the only way they can make a decent living with.

A political culture has been built up over the years that ridicules honesty and generates admiration for smooth operators. The cancer spreads with geometrical progression as more and more people are sucked into this corrupt brotherhood. As such, when the new Prime Minister cries halt, we all feel a sense of relief

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