India Open 2017: Sindhu won the title of India Open in straight sets

Indian badminton star PV Sindhu defeated Spain's player and world number one Carolina Marin in the final of the India Open Super Series.

Sindhu won the match consistently by winning both the sets. The second set was won by Sindhu 21-16. Earlier, Sindhu won the first set against the forte. In the first set, Sindhu defeated Marine 21-19. At the beginning of the first set, Marion made the first point.

After this, Sindhu made 6 consecutive points. But then Marine returned and the match became interesting.
India's badminton sensation PV Sindhu had to satisfy itself with silver medal at the Rio Olympics because she was defeated by world champion Carolina Marin in the final match. Now Sindhu has a golden opportunity to take revenge for the Olympic defeat in the New Delhi's Siri Fort Sports Complex.

 There have been eight matches between Marin and Sindhu, in which Marin is ahead of 5-3. The last time between them was a collision in Dubai which Sindhu had won. Indu defeated Sun Ji Yun in the final on Saturday, while in the quarter-finals, he defeated compatriot Saina Nehwal.
World number four beat such a semifinal ...
In the match on Saturday, PV Sindhu defeated World No. 4 Sun Ji Yun of South Korea and made it to the final. The Indo men's singles 21-18, 14-21 and 21-14 took the lead in the three games.

 Sindhu had won the first game, but in the second game, Yun returned and brought the score to the point. Then in the third game, Sindhu won in almost simultaneously.
First game: Undeniably the best return of Sindhu
In the earlier game, Sindhu and Eun 2-2 were tied in the first round. In the meantime, Sindhu had to suffer from some mistakes and she lagged behind 3-6. After that he took the recovery and scored 5-6. In a short time the score was equal to 7-7.

Seeing, Sindhu took the lead of 10-9 and then kept it almost by the end of the first game and won it 21-18.
Second game: Return of the Yun
In the second game, PV Sindhu looked at losing his rhythm. Although initially he made the lead 2-1, but then started to backtrack. Yun made the lead 7-5, which soon became 11-6. Sindhu tried to return, but could not finish the gap of five and eventually lost the second game to 14-21.
Third game: Indus wins almost one-sided win

In the third and final game, PV Sindhu made a strong comeback and saw the lead 4-0. Then Yun took two points and took the score 2-4. Sindhu scored three points and scored 7-2. Sindhu looked better in this game Where Yun has two points. In the same match, Sindhu scored four points and scored 11-4. In the meantime, Yun also took four points but Sindhu kept the lead and scored 11-8. Yun struggled with two points to score 10-12. Then Sindhu scored two points and reached 14-10. Then the score got 17-11. After that, Yun made only three points, while Sindhu won the remaining four points and won the match 21-14.
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