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If the specifications are found in the house of the Old Notes shall save it until 00 July. Notabandhi spend a lot of time has been applied since. Now the news that the Supreme Court has found that such people will vhare. The Supreme Court has indicated that everybody can get more of a chance to change notes.

The next hearing will begin after the summer vacation.

The Supreme Court was hearing the return of old note issue of W 00 and 1000 yesterday. Which is taken to be accepted by the court.

By entering the last hearing, the court asked the central government affidavit in the Supreme Court said, are now old notes will not be accepted. It may have been someone who does not use notes. According to the Central People living abroad will be able to change the form of 00 knots and 1000 who were abroad at the time notabandhi. The court was hearing the petition filed by a woman named Sudha Misra. Which had challenged the government's decision not to grant time till March 31. The limit for ordinary people was broken up completed 30 December. The Prime Minister had promised that ordinary people will be able to change the Old Notes until 31 March.

Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi hearing yesterday upheld the government side. He said that, because we have shown that we wanted to do: why, I am bound by a court order. Can not be separated from the individual facility level. If the court gives relief it must be for all. He said that the shutdown deposit notes can not be another chance. We filter submitted an affidavit.
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