SMC Grant ni vigato important for HTAT Exam

SMC Grant ni vigato important for HTAT Exam

Darek school ma SMC antargat sarva Sikhsha Abhiyan antargat kai kai grant aave chhe ane teno upyog kai kai jagya e thay chhe teni official mahiti ni pdf file . Aa. mahiti SMC module manthi levama aavi chhe.

Four years after it became an Act and a year of implementation later, it is becoming very clear that the Right to Education Act (RTE) is deeply flawed. The Act was called a sieve by this author in this very publication in 2010, and much of what was predicted has come to pass. It was a significant piece of social re-engineering where the intent was to bring the rich and the poor to the same classroom. The RTE Act was a daring piece of legislation for two reasons

This interview of Amit Kaushik was taken during School Choice National Conference 2009. Here Amit presents his views on: 1. The challenges facing the current education scenario 2. Unrecognised schools in India 3. Role of School Management Committees in government schools and 4. What the HRD Minister should be focussing on.

Download below file of SMC School grant details and get updates of all Information.

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