Surveyor Exam cancelling the examination held on 27.11.2016

Learned  AGP  is  in  receipt  of  communication dated   4.4.2017   from  the  office  of  respondent No.2.  Copy  of  such  communication  is  taken  on record.  By  such  communication,  now,  respondent no.2  has  disclosed  that  they  are  cancelling  the examination  held  on  27.11.2016  which  is  under challenge  in  this  petition  and  they  have  decided to   schedule   such   examination   for   selecting Surveyor   again.   

It   is  also  stated  that  now question   paper   would   be   in   two   different languages  i.e.  one  in  English  and  another  inGujarati  language.  So  far  as  examination  for  the posts  of  Surveyor  is  concerned,  the  respondents shall   strictly   follow   the   notification   dated 20.1.2009   so   far   as  selecting   questions   are concerned. 

It  is  also  stated  that  examination  which  were conducted  on  12.2.2017  for  Assistant  Binder  and Assistant  Machine  Man  are  also  cancelled  and  the same  is  rescheduled. It   is   further   stated   that   both   such examinations  shall  now  be  taken  in  the  month  of June,  2017. In  view  of  such  disclosure,  these  petitions would   not   survive   and  hence  the  same  stand disposed  of  accordingly.  

Rule  /  Notice,  if  any, stands  discharged.   Considering  the  overall  facts  and circumstances  emerging  from  all  these  matters,  it would  be  appropriate  to  direct  the  respondents  to be  more  careful  while  setting  the  question  paper for  such  recruitment  process  and  to  ensure  that no  question  may  be    be  out  of  syllabus  or  may  be out  of  the  reference  or  may  be  incorrect  in  any manner  whatsoever.   Registry  shall  place  copy  of  this  order  in connected  matters.

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