These things will be cheap from today and will cost them dearly

The financial year 2016-17 is over 12.00 pm. The new business year has started in the morning of April 1, when the sun rises. With the new financial year, there is a lot to change in your country and in your life, which is directly related to your pocket. From today on, some things related to your life have become cheaper and crooks are expensive. So let us know what is cheap and what will be expensive from today .

All these things are already expensive: -
1. Health and auto insurance
2. Pan-made spices and gutkha
3. Cigarette
4. LED bulb
5. Silverware and silverware
6. Mobile phones
7. Made of Steel
8. Made of Aluminum

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All these things will be available in advance: -
1. Rail Ticket
2. Home
3. RO
Leather goods
5. Postal Service
6. Interest Rate

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