Claas-3 khatakiy exam date and schedual decalred now

ADUI-1075-C-1969-l, dated 21/12/2012
Outlined "Assistant Education Inspector, Assistant Teacher, Class-3 (Department of Defense) Rules - 2012"
Assistant Education Assistant and Assistant Teacher and Panchayat in Secondary Services of Class III of the Education Department

To supervise the education department of District Education Officer, Expansion Officer (Education) and Education Department Class-3
The following detailed programs are as follows. I
 Account on date: --0.08,09
 The application forms for this examination are available on the Board's website
Ta: From 29/05/2017 to 09/06/2017 should be filled online.

રવા Instructions to fill the application form:
Print out the online application form and copy the timing summary as explained below
The National Board of Trustees will not be able to send them directly to the security board.
Who will send the form the sender to the final date

Secondary services of Class III of the education department
• Assistant Education Inspector
• Assistant teacher (through Acharya)
   The District Education Officer
Panchayat Samastra 13/06/2017
• Assistant District Education Inspector
• Extension Officer (Education)
• Compliance Inspector Class III
   District Primary Education Officer
2 • District education commissioner, school staff,
Gandhinagar 15/06/2017
• District Primary Education Director, Primary Education, Gandhinagar
• Commissioner, school staff,

• Director, Primary Education,
Secretary, National Security Board, Gandhinagar, 17/06/2017
O The form sent by the candidate directly to the National Security Board will be considered canceled.
O The employees present in the above mentioned area should be included in their salary in the class.

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