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Currently Facebook uses everyone. But there have been many questions about issues like privacy policy. In such cases, users have been advised several times to be careful while using this social platform. Now in a media report.

 what information should be immediately removed from the user's Facebook account? This information becomes even more important after the big cyber attack like Ransomware.
-Delete mobile app: Users have been advised to delete the Facebook app immediately from their mobile.

This app can have many types of spy. For example, with the help of this app, Facebook knows the user's location.
Take away phone number: If you entered your mobile number on the Facebook profile, then immediately remove it. It can be harmful in many ways. You can disturb the calls of unknown people or promotional calls.
-Anjans remove people from the freelancer:

-Delete Facial Disclaimer: Click the link given here and "Who sees tag suggestions when photos that look like you are uploaded?" Also go to remove facial recognition permissions.
-Remove location from photo tags: If you tag locations on the photo, people will know where you live. It can be harmful in many ways.

-Airport from the airport: If you tell your status from the airport then the whole world will know that you have gone out of the city. May be cleaned a hand on precious salmon placed in your house.

- Credit card information: Be careful if you pay any kind of payment on Facebook via credit card. Your information can be handled by hackers.
-Your birthday: Many Experts agree that there is no need to insert your birthday in the Facebook profile. This can be dangerous or troublesome in many ways.

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