Freinds know how whatsapp and face book ern with us interesting for all

Friends, today social media is becoming an integral part of our lives. If it is to be talked about the main media of social media then it is Facebook and WhatsApp.

 We all use them as it is very useful in our business as well as in our business. Billions of trillions of messages are sent daily, photos, videos, etc. through them and they also spent without money, for free, for free, for free. So now it's obviously you'll be thinking how they earn.

Explain your information that the main channel of earnings is advertising. Friends, if you keep a little bit of technology, then you will know about it beforehand.

However, this method of earnings from advertisements is very old, as in the market there is a large billboard of mobile advertising, which is seen by millions of people every day. Now the advertisement will appear to all those people who are not interested in it. This is the usual way of advertising.
But the way Facebook advertising is different, Facebook takes the help of micro advertising. In this case, the advertiser who reaches the ad to the exact people who are genuinely interested in it.

Facebook has such a large database in today's date, which hardly any other company will have, Facebook knows more about you than you do not remember, even data is kept with Facebook, where do you go, you What kind of posts do like, what comments on a post, what you like, what kind of friends you have, your address, your mobile number, and even what do not Now Facebook has linked WhatsApp to this, which makes this work even easier.
Now Facebook has so much information about you that he will show you ad in your timeline that you really like. This is the reason that Facebook's earnings are increasing year after year.
When you use the social media platform, then forget about your privacy. If you are serious about privacy, then obviously this thing may concern you.

but for a common man this thing does not matter much. What is evil in it, if you get to see the advertisements according to your interests, maybe there may be something that can work for you.

If seen, Facebook generally earns about 10-12 dollars a year from one user. So you should know that you are using Facebook to earn Facebook 600 to 800 rupees annually.

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