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Sources reveal that the Modi government has decided to reduce the amount deposited by the employer in the Employee Provident Fund.

The Narendra Modi government of the Center is going to give one more salaries to the employees. After this, the salary of the employees in the hands of some can increase. According to a news published in the Financial Express, the government is preparing to reduce the subscription amount provided by the employer in the provident fund.

According to sources, nearly 12 per cent of the salary of employers on their employees is given to the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO).

The government has reduced it to 10 percent. This proposal may be presented in the meeting of the CBT (Central Board of Trustees) on Saturday. CBT takes all the decisions related to the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO).

In the interaction with Chief Provident Fund Commissioner (CPFC) VP Joy Financial Express, it can confirm that this proposal could come in the CBT meeting. The opinion of the members of the CBT will be taken on this. Apart from the representatives of Central and State Governments in CBT, representatives of employers, employees and labor organizations are also members.

"The proposal is in line with the policy for enhancing the scope of social security for the employees," the labor ministry official said in an interview to the newspaper. The labor ministry feels that by reducing the contribution of employers in the EPF, they will be motivated to bring the employees working in their units to the purview of the EPF.

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