government has issued a high alert which has some apps

The government has issued a high alert which has some apps inside which you will have to remove from your mobile instantly. Considering the country's security, the Indian Union Home Ministry has asked to remove these applications from their smart phones.

If you are also using any of these apps in your mobile, then uninstall them immediately because these apps are spying apps. Thereby threatening the security of the country. So let's know which apps are in danger of our security.
The four apps which the Ministry has requested to remove from the smartphones are:
Top Gun (game app)
Mgjunk (music app)
BDJunki (video app)
Talking Frog (Entertainment App)
How can this be the danger of ours?
The Indian Ministry has said that through these four applications, Pakistan can accomplish large cyber fraud. That is why the government has issued a high alert to remove these apps immediately from the smartphone.

After getting the firm knowledge of sending malware in the app from Pakistan, the Home Ministry has written to the security agencies of the country and intelligence agencies of the country not to download some special mobile app.

Not only this, the government has also warned everyone that through these apps, Pakistan can also use wrong information by stolen essential information like bank accounts of Indians.

It would be right that you soon delete these apps soon and let everyone else know about it.

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