Modi will finished their promise of new milions of job

You know all about the state of unemployment in the country. Every young man is in search of a job. The government is also making efforts to complete it. The dreams of unemployed youth in PM Modi's reign are going to be completed now. Modi government is going to complete the three-year term, which is why Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on the verge of fulfilling his foresight. PM Modi has directed every ministry that in every proposal to be sent to the cabinet, it is necessary to inform that implementing the proposals will create many employment opportunities.

The Prime Minister is active on employment generation
However, during the 2014 Lok Sabha election campaign, Modi promised to give 10 million jobs to the youth.

However, the Modi government's performance is not good in giving employment in the last three years. Commerce Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that the expenditure should be created with the proposal, employment should be made in the country and jobs should be given with such an offer.

Sitaram said that whenever any proposal comes for discussion, then the Prime Minister asks at the Cabinet meeting that how many opportunities will be created?

This is the action plan to eliminate unemployment
In order to speed up the employment opportunities with economic growth, the policy commission has presented a three-year action plan, in which it has been said to create jobs in different sectors. According to the CII, the employment between India and India between 2015 and 2015 was 1.45 crore. That means every year 36.5 lakh opportunities. The number of working people increased by 8.41 crores, but the increase in actual labor force was only 2.01 crores. 24 percent of the working-age population joined the labor force, while 76 percent of the population remained out of it.

Entry in the job market of 15 lakh people every month
A report by Crisil said that more than 15 lakh people are looking for employment in the country's job market every month. Then, due to automation falling dependence on human labor, the situation is getting worse. The government wants to create more employment opportunities because income increases and millions of people come out of poverty trap. The government is also reviewing its manufacturing practice policy as it can be changed according to the purpose of employment generation.

According to Economic Survey 2017, it is said that the increase in the number of youth in the population will reach the highest level in the next five years as the number of working people will have been resolved till then. It has become necessary to promote skill and entrepreneurship.
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