On April 30, in the 'Mana Ki Baat' program, Prime Minister Narendra Modi told the people to earn money on the Bhima app with the promotion of digital transactions with the countrymen.

The Prime Minister said how to get good earnings by adding people to the Bhim App in summer holidays. If you add a person through this app and three transactions are done by that person then you will get 10 rupees.
Likewise, if students add up to 20 people every day, they can easily earn 200 rupees in the summer holidays or if the women are sitting at home.
This scheme is for October 14. If a shopkeeper applies a Bhima app then he will get 25 rupees in his account.
In the matter of mind, Modi said - Refer and Arn

The Prime Minister said that the Government of India has taken a great and big opportunity for you. Almost the new generation is getting rid of the scam. They do not need cache. They believe in digital currency.
The Prime Minister said, "The Government of India has taken out a scheme under which if you download the BHIM App and refer to others using it yourself and if the new person joining you, if you do three transactions, then you will get 10 rupees for this. Will be earning. "

"10 rupees in your account will be deposited by the government. If you had done this with 20 people in the day, then in the evening, 200 rupees will be deposited in your account. Merchants can also take advantage of this. Students can also earn good money. "
"You must be contributing in creating digital India and you will be a watchman of New India. And in such cases, there will also be earnings with the holidays. "

What is Bhima, this is its advantages -
Bhima App's full name is "India Interface for Money". If you want to download it, you will have to install it in the Google Play Store. In addition to receiving and sending money, you will also be able to check the balance in your bank account. Not only this, you can check your transaction details by Bhima App too. QR Code can be downloaded using the payment address if you wish. You will be able to

exchange 10 rupees on all transactions. And in 24 hours, there is a limit of Rs 20,000 for the transaction period.
Base - Pay Bhima App System
Under the Bhim App System, payment will be made from the base-on-finger. There will be no need for mobile app or plastic money. Base - The fingerprint is connected to the sensor. Especially designed for customer and die merchants. Through this, digital payment can be taken from the merchant customer. Customers can not pay a bio-metric scan even if they do not have a smartphone.

To make payments under Aadhaar-Pay, the link should be linked to the bank account basis. And you should remember your Aadhaar number so that there is no problem in making payment through the base-based app. If you do not have cash and do not even have a smartphone for digital payment, you can shop for your favorite goods by visiting the shop. These systems work through Aadhaar numbers. This will work through a biometric scan, in which your fingerprint will be the password. Users can use their fingerprint and biometric data to transact.

The Bhima app can be downloaded from Google Play Store.
Merchant this base-pay app can be downloaded from Google Play Store. For this, the biometric scanner will also have to install which will be linked to this app. As soon as you install the application, you have to select the language and after that you will have to click on the gate start option on the next page. And when the second page opens, the mobile number linked to the bank account will be entered. After this you will enter your PIN number. The PIN code is only for the security of your application.

The next page you select on the next page will come to your screen. There will be an option QR code to send and send money. Now you have to set up the UPI PIN by going to the bank account option for any transaction and you will have to enter the last 6 digits of your debit card and expiry date of the card. After this you will receive an OTP which will be posted automatically. Now you can send or send money to your account by creating your PIN.
NPCI has developed the Bhim App
National Payment Corporation of India has created the Bhim App. This works on unified payment interfaces. The UPI remains on the lines of IMPS Infrastructure.

 Payment can be done immediately through this. It is not necessary for mobile banking to be used to use it. Yes, it is so necessary that the mobile number you have on the register should be registered with the bank. At present, the Bhim App is linked to only one bank account. When you create your accounts on it, you can choose your own bank default account as your wish. If you want to add another bank account to it, you will have to go to the main menu. Any money you are being transferred will go to your default account.

So friends, why not install a great app on your mobile and take advantage of the good opportunity given by the government and earn a lot in the summer holidays.
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