Now charging will starts with wifi know full system

If this patent of Apple becomes a reality, then the world of Smartphone can be cracked. Because the reports are coming, the American technology company Apple is working on wireless technology. The WiFi router can charge the phone. So far, wireless charging means that the smartphone needs to be docked through it, which connects to the socket. That is, it will actually be wireless charging.

Apple has applied for a patent for wireless charging and communication system with Dual Frequency in US Patent and Trademark Office.

(Wireless Charging and Communications Systems with Dual-Frequency Patch Antennas). This can be seen by the name of the patent website, here's a method that allows power transfers to the dedicated frequency for US data communication.

2. Smartphone can be charged with WiFi

Apple Patent and Trademark Office has applied for this patent for April 27, 2017, in which patch antenna can be used for wireless power transfer on a microwave frequency, or it can also be used for millimeter wave communication.

3. Smartphone can be charged with WiFi

However, Apple is not the first company that has patented for such wireless charging. Earlier, Sony has also applied for this type of wireless charging patent. Not only that, some Disney researchers have discovered in a research that this type of wireless wireless charging is possible. They also issued a demonstration video for that.

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