Now paid only internet money call will be free

Mukesh Ambani's telecom company Manpani Geo, after making a lot of publicity through its free services, is now finding it difficult to compete with Geo for other telecom companies in paid services. Keeping this in mind, all telecom companies are offering good deals to their customers at a lower cost.

In this episode, the famous telecom company Airtel has just introduced new broadband plans. Under which customers will be given more internet than before, whereas for this, customers will have to pay a lower price than they did earlier.

This plan has been implemented by the company for areas in and around Delhi.
Under the new data plan, the company will give 60GB of data on the Recharge of Rs 899 to its customers, whereas earlier the scheme of Rs 899 received 30GB of data.

Then there would be 90GB of data on the recharge of Rs 1,099 while the first 50GB data was available. According to the new plan, Airtel has announced 125GB data for Rs 1,299, whereas earlier this plan customers got 75GB of data. Apart from this, 160GB data will be given now than 100GB of data on Recharge of Rs 1,499.

Under this plan, unlimited free calling facility will be provided to any network of all customers. According to the company, this plan will soon be implemented in all the cities of the country. Along with this, Wi-Fi router will also be provided free of charge for new customers coming under this scheme.

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