Petrol rate related important news from akila mews report

Today you will get Rs. But after five years the petrol will cost you 30 rupees. Litter or less will be available at a price. Due to the new technique, the dependence of the world on petrol will decrease as fuel. That is why petrol prices will fall. America's futurist Tony Seba has claimed this.

 Tony had prophesied many years ago that the demand for solar power will increase which has come true. At that time, Tony claimed to have increased the demand for solar power at that time, the price was ten times the same as it was today.

If Tony of Silicon prophesied about Solar Energy, then what would be the case of petrol? Although his words seem difficult to trust, but the statistics given to them evoke confidence. Tony has said that due to the rapidly rising demand of self-drive cars, oil demand will fall drastically and petrol prices may fall by $ per barrel.

In a conversation with CNBC, Tony said that the oil demand peak will be on 20-20-202. Within 10 years then the oil production figure will reach 100 million barrels to 70 million barrels. Because of this, the price of crude will quickly fall to Rupee per barrel dollar. Tony said that people will not stop using the old style cars but the demand for electric cars will increase. These vehicles will be cheap to buy and easy to operate.

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