PF members may be allocated the houses made by the Central

PF members may be allocated the houses made by the Central and State Government agencies. Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) will help to provide government agencies' housing. This will facilitate PF members to buy a home under the EPFO's housing scheme.

EPFO has released a circular for all its regional PF commissioners.

In many states, apart from housing boards, many agencies build and sell houses. Many of which can not be sold at all times. In this regard, the EPFO ​​has ordered all the Regional PF Commissioner to contact the State Housing Board and the Authority to allocate them to the PF Works Co-operative Society of these types of houses.

It has been stated in the circular that Regional PF commissioners should also talk about making PF work unions and companies from cooperative societies on this issue. As a result, the society can communicate directly with government agencies to house the house.

EPFO clarified that EPFO ​​would not be included in the agreement for any government agency or cooperative society. And neither would they recommend any government agency.

To purchase a home under the housing scheme, a society of 10 or more EPFO ​​Members will be formed. These societies will be able to take action against builders on price issues. That's because it's hard to do this for a different member. The EPFO ​​member can withdraw up to 90% of the cost to buy a home. In addition, the PF account should be at least 3 years old.

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