WhatsApp brings new features to its users

WhatsApp brings new features to its users. Recently, Whatsapp brought recently brought a new update on the lines of Snapchat and Instagram.

update for its users in which WhatsApp users were sent.

It will be possible to call back your message, quite often, that we send the wrong message to someone, then we have to call that message back but we can not call it EDIT, but WhatsApp is very quick to give this new update to its users. This feature is named WHATSAPP by RECAL. This feature is currently in beta testing.

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With this feature, you can insert your status through video, photo and GIF. However, on the special demand of the people, Wattspe also brought back the status feature. With this, the story feature will also be there.

Now Whatsapp is bringing with its new update. Watersapp is going to bring a new feature of 'Pin to Top'. In this feature, you can keep the message that you have more messages in the message box at the top. So whenever you get the message from that contact, you will first see it.

Let me tell you, this feature is currently in beta version. This new feature has been given to beta version 2.17.163. Through this not only personal chat but you can also 'pin to top' group chat.

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