योगदीन की क्विज खेले और पाए पीएम मोदी की साइन वाला सर्टिफिकेट

Opening someone's phone is a lock: If you have forgotten the pattern lock of your phone or to open a lock of a friend's phone, then today we are going to tell you some tricks through which you will be able to open the lock of anyone's phone in 2 minutes. Many people use CM Security for security, so many people use app lock. We'll tell you this trick and try it on App Lock. This trick works on all app locked apps,current affairs.....

First go to the settings of the smartphone and tap on the app's options. Now the full list of apps will open in front of you. Go to the list of open applications on the mobile screen and search for an app with an app locked. Click on the app lock or CM Security app as well. Now after clicking on the application you will open a window in which you will see many options like app version, uninstall. In the same way, you will also see 'FORCE STOP' which you have to click on.

Now after clicking 'FORCE STOP' you will receive a message. Click 'OK' in the incoming message. You can now go to any app. Whether it's WhatsApp or a Messenger or a Facebook or a phone's photo / video gallery. However for this it should not be locked in the phone and settings.

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