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At present, the basis has not only been identified as a necessary document but also for government social security and financial Matters. You can not do basic work without filing income tax basis and opening a bank account.

No new mobile number

According to the circular issued by DoT, e-KYC related to new mobile number from March this year is now necessary.

- Circular has also been asked to complete the verification process of the number of existing users from telecom companies.

- This verification will be done through Aadhaar number and their biometric data.

For this, telecom companies have been given one year's time.

- E-KYC attached to the base you can not do without mobile number. If e-KYC is not there then your number can be closed.

Linking the base to mobile

For E-KYC, you will need to link your existing mobile number to the base.

- Without linking you will not be able to use any service associated with the base.

In fact, most of the services connected to the base are OTP based. It is not possible to get OTP without a mobile number.

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