1. Whitswap Photo Album Feature
After iOS users, WhatsApp has now released these special features for Android users. This new feature is currently only available for android beta users. This new feature of WhatsApp is the album feature, which is currently on the testing base.

If you talk about this album feature then this will be a little like Facebook. If you remember Facebook, when we post a photo and have more than 1 photo. They all appear together in the album. This way, when you send a photo on WhatsAppSet, it will show in the form of an album like Facebook.

2. Whitswap Photo Album Feature

This new feature of WhatsApp is preferred because of the fact that it keeps your chat clearer. Clear means that if you share 10 photos, you do not have to scroll to the first photo. But all the photos will be displayed in front of you as an album.
3. Whitswap Photo Album Feature

This feature is currently available on the beta version. This can be said that this feature can be made available to other Android users soon. However, those users may have to wait a bit.

4. Whitswap Photo Album Feature

Prior to this, Whitswap introduced this feature for Android users earlier this month. There is no information about when this feature will be updated by Android users.

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