whatsapp new features for recal the massege must read

There is no need to worry about someone messing on the WhatsApp on the goats, you will be given a 5 minute time in the WhatsApp page, so that you can get rid of the unwanted message. According to WABetaInfo, a website that provides information on WATSAP features,WATSAP is going to present the 'Recall' feature, which will allow 5 minutes to rewrite any text, image, video, GIF, documents.

The Recall feature will be launched in the App's 2.17.30+ version. 1.2 billion active users are available in 50 different languages ​​worldwide and in 10 Indian languages.Currently, users have to remember a range of commands to format their messagTo make text bold, they have to place it between two asterisks, like *this*. To italicise it, users need to sandwich it between two underscores, like _this_, and to strikethrough a message, they need to use tildes, like ~this~.
whatsapp new features for recal the massege must read

Instead of making users learn and type those commands, the test version of the app displays the full range of formatting options when a user selects an excerpt of text with a tap and hold. he long-awaited feature will mean that users can delete a message from the receivers phone if it is yet to be read. The delete function is currently being tested on the beta version of WhatsApp's next update, along with the ability to edit send messages that haven't been read.

Features are generally included in beta versions before making them into a full consumer release, although it is unclear when this might be.As well as these edit tools, WhatsApp is also testing a new feature that could make it a lot easier to coordinate meeting a group of friends. A new feature unique to WhatsApp is being tested that lets users send friends their moving location so that they can find one another more easily.

Called Live Location Tracking, it lets users show their movements to friends within a group chat. They can opt to share their moving position for a limited time of one, two or five minutes. It builds on WhatsApp's popular send your location feature that allows users to share their exact position at a given time. 

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